Espoma Garden Lime (6lbs.)

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All natural plant supplement formulated to raise soil pH
  • Turns hydrangeas pink.
  • Adjusts the pH of excessively acidic soils.
  • Pelletized for easy application.
  • Much safer than hydrated lime.
  • 1 lb. equals 1-1/3 cups

For use on:

  • Can be used anywhere in the garden and landscape where a higher (Less acidic) soil pH is desired.
  • Will turn blue hydrangeas pink due to higher soil pH.

When to use: Early Spring, Late Spring & Fall

How much to use:

In the absence of a soil test, mix 2 ½ to 5 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. (2-4 tbsps. per plant) into the soil. Water thoroughly. Or, use the guidelines below to achieve a pH of 6.5:


Current pH

Per 100 sq. ft.

Per 100 sq. ft.


3 ½ lbs.

5 cups


7 ½ lbs.

10 cups


11 lbs.

15 cups


15 lbs.

20 cups


How to apply:

  • Garden Beds:  Broadcast evenly over the soil surface and water thoroughly.
  • Individual Plants:  Spread evenly under the plant out to and just beyond the drip line. Water thoroughly.