Live Plants

With opening our outdoor area in Ipswich for retail sales, we have taken down our online availability for plants. Our goal is to give you our best available shopping experience, and we are unable to provide live online inventory availability at this time. Feel free to browse our plants in person, or place a curbside pickup order and we can add the plants you choose as another transaction when you arrive. Thanks! - the Wolf Hill team



 Our checkout area in Ipswich, With marked checkout lane and separate entry


 We have moved out credit card machine to be separate from our cashier to follow social distancing guidelines.

We have re-arranged our entrance to form an area to safely manage a checkout. Please note our interior building is closed, but we have brought many of our garden supplies outside to our new covered greenhouse area, which is just after our main building under our main greenhouse.

We have limited our in-store customer count to 12 vehicles, so if our lot is full please come back at a later time. Parking in the adjacent Fire Station lot is not allowed. Thank you for understanding.