Fraser Fir Christmas Tree - Multiple Sizes

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Our experienced staff will choose a beautiful Christmas Tree for you and your family! We can deliver right to your door.
  • Farm Fresh! We source our own trees direct from the farm
  • Stronger branches and longer needle retention than Balsam Fir
  • For larger or smaller trees, please visit us in store

For best results with needle retention on your Christmas tree, we strongly suggest a FRESH CUT of the trunk of the tree. Once you have a fresh cut, you have about 1 hour to get it into water (your tree stand, a bucket, etc.) before the sap starts to harden over the bottom of the trunk again. If the sap hardens over the bottom of the trunk, the tree will not 'drink' the water as easily, resulting in the needles drying out faster and dropping. NEVER let your tree's stand run out of water and keep it as full as possible at all times. We recommend adding a preservative (such as Prolong) to the water to help lengthen the needle retention time.  

Our Fresh Christmas Trees are NON-REFUNDABLE (or under any warranty like our live trees and shrubs).