Jack's Classic Bloom Booster 10-30-20 (1.5lbs.)

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Jack's specially-formulated plant food helps give bigger blooms and facilitate transplants, suitable for flowers, fruit or veggies.

Jack's Classic Blossom Booster gives you professional-grade blooms with at-home simplicity. The unmatched quality of Jack's 1:3:2 nutrient ratio makes this ideal for indoor and outdoor flowers, while also functioning as an excellent transplant solution and even a booster for fruit and veggie blooms. Feeds through roots and leaves for guaranteed brighter blossoms. Tub contains 1-1/2 pounds of water-soluble fertilizer.

  • 10-30-20: Nutrient ratio gives a boost to blooms and works as a great transplant solution
  • Feed Roots and Leaves: Formulated for broad absorption for guaranteed results
  • Faster Green-up: Provides vibrant greens and helps indoor plants keep foliage
  • Bottle: 1-1/2-pound bottle makes it easier to mix and use