Christmas Tree Elegance: Choosing and Caring for Your Perfect Tree

Christmas Tree Elegance: Choosing and Caring for Your Perfect Tree

As the festive season rolls in, it's time to talk about the centerpiece of Christmas decor - the Christmas tree! Here at Wolf Hill, we believe in bringing the finest and freshest Christmas trees to light up your holiday season. From Fraser Fir to Balsam Fir, our selection caters to all preferences. Let's dive into the world of Christmas trees and how to care for them, so you can enjoy a sparkling and fragrant holiday centerpiece in your home.

Selecting Your Tree

Wolf Hill offers a range of Christmas trees, including Balsam Fir (3ft to 15ft), Fraser Fir (3ft to 12ft), and Canaan Fir (6ft to 9ft)​​. When selecting your tree, consider:

  • Fragrance and Needle Retention: Balsam Fir is known for its strong fragrance and flexible needles, while the Fraser Fir boasts excellent needle retention and a unique spiral branch structure​.
  • Shape and Size: Consider the space where the tree will be placed. Balsam and Fraser Firs offer different shapes, suitable for tight corners or spacious living rooms.
  • Branch Strength: If you love hanging heavier ornaments, Fraser Firs with their robust branches are ideal.

Understanding Tree Varieties

  • Balsam Fir: Balsam Fir has long been a preferred species for many consumers because of its strong Christmas tree scent. It has dark green needles and excellent form.
  • Fraser Fir: Fraser Fir branches turn slightly upward. They are dark blue-green in color. They have a pleasant scent, but not as strong as Balsam Fir. 
  • Canaan Fir: A hybrid between Balsam and Fraser Firs, it offers a rich green color and medium fragrance.

Each variety has unique characteristics that can complement your home's holiday theme.

Caring for Your Tree

To ensure your tree stays fresh throughout the season, follow these tips:

  • Fresh Cut: Trim about 1-1.5 inches from the base when you bring it home to enhance water absorption​​. You MUST put your tree into water within 15 minutes of a fresh cut so that the sap doesn’t harden off - which will prevent the tree from being able to absorb the water. This will enhance needle loss and the needles drying out dramatically.
  • Hydration: Place the tree in hot water within 15 minutes of the cut and regularly check the water level. Keep it full as much as possible. The first week you will notice it drinking a lot if those steps were followed. Keep replenishing the water before it runs out of water. If it runs out of water you run the risk of it not wanting to drink anymore; which means needles dropping drastically. 
  • Placement: Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent extra drying.
  • Preservatives: Consider using a Christmas tree preservative to prolong its life and maintain its appearance; such as Pro-Long. We stock it at our stores and highly recommend it! 

Proper care can extend your tree's freshness for approximately three weeks.

At Wolf Hill, we're here to help you find the perfect Christmas tree and we want to ensure it remains a stunning feature of your holiday decor - so please follow the steps to do so! Whether you're drawn to the traditional charm of a Balsam Fir or the stately elegance of a Fraser Fir, we've got you covered. Visit us at or drop by to choose your perfect Christmas tree and start the season with a sparkle!