Wolf Hill Garden Center

Visit us at our Gloucester and Ipswich location to talk with our knowledgeable staff about anything and everything you need to know that goes on in your garden here on the North Shore! We carry a large selection of our trusted brands of soils, amendments, garden tools, fertilizers, lawn care, stakes & plant protection, weed fabrics, and so much more! We are experienced in the gardening industry and are happy to help you choose the right products and provide the best advice and information to our customers.  



    Jill MacWhinnie, Gloucester Store

    Garden Center Manager


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    Rob Spadafora, Ipswich Store

    Garden Center Manager


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Our Trusted Brands

Garden Tools

We carry a wide selection of gardening tools for every gardening project. Whether it's a Felco pruner to assist in pesky pruning to a spring rake to dethatch your lawn this Spring, we're stocked with what you need to get the job done. We even carry seasonal tools, like snow shovels, for our harsh Northeast Winters.


Animals and rodents can be a pain to deal with. At Wolf Hill we stock numerous brands and varieties of repellents to choose from. Some pests can become resilient to repellant if used frequently, so changing up the brand and/or type of repellant can help with this! 

Lawn Care

Do you want a lush, green lawn? Spring through fall routine care is critical for this. At Wolf Hill, we can help you achieve your green lush lawn goals. Whether you need grass seed, soil amendments, fertilizers or weed prevention, we carryJonathan Green,Espomaand Greenview lawn products to get you there! 

Plant Protection 

Protecting your plants over the winter is a daunting task, but we strongly recommend it with our climate.Wilt-Pruf stops your plants from drying out! Another necessity we stock is burlap, stakes and twine to cover your plants from the damaging winds. We also carry fencing that can help with animal damage; keeping bunnies out of your gardens or deer from nibbles on your arborvitae over winter!


At Wolf Hill, we value the importance of nurturing your garden. We have tons of fertilizers for your lawn, garden, container plants and houseplants. We carry multiple brands including Fox Farm, Espoma and Coast of Maine. Many of which have specific fertilizers or amendments just for certain types of plants; i.e. Japanese Maples, Citrus Plants, Evergreens to name a few. 

Seeds & Seed Starting Supplies

We carry Botanical Interest seeds as well as numerous seed starting supplies. From the seed starting soil to plant your seeds in, Jiffy pots, to greenhouse trays with covers, we've got multiple options to get a jump start on your garden each Spring!