Delivery Truck Information

Please use this Chart to determine if our delivery trucks can safely deliver your bulk material order to your specified dumping location.

**Please note that the material and amount ordered will determine the clearance needed for our vehicles**

Delivery Vehicle Size/Capacities

  Length Width*** Height Dump Height** Capacity

Heavy Materials

Small Truck - 1 Ton 19' 8'5" 7'10" 14'6"

4 cu yards*

7 cu yards
Med. Truck - 6 Wheeler 22'6" 8'5" 9'5" 18' for 10'

8 cu yards*

10 cu yards
Large Truck - Triaxle 27'6" 9' 11'5" 27' for 30'

20 cu yards*

25 cu yards
Box Truck 22'5" 9' 11'6" N/A N/A  
Moffet - Forklift 7'5" 9' 8' N/A N/A  


*Heavy Materials includes Crushed Stone, Round Stone, Stone Dust, Road-Pac, Mason Sand, Concrete Sand, Compost, Super Loam, Screened Loam & Clamshells

*Delivery trucks do not drive off of paved/solid surfaces.

**Dump Height must be free from obstructions like overhead wires and branches for a minimum 30' space for the truck to move forward during dumping

***Vehicle width is bare minimum clearance. Some gates and narrow driveways will not be accessible to our vehicles even if bare minimum clearance is met

***Please note*** If we are unable to dump in the location provided, if our driver isn't comfortable driving the delivery vehicle to your requested dump location or if your delivery marker isn't present, you will be charged another delivery fee to attempt delivery again at our discretion.***

If you have any questions about your dumping location, please call any of our stores or email for assistance.