Container Gardening: How to Grow Your Favorite Plants in Pots and Planters

Container Gardening: How to Grow Your Favorite Plants in Pots and Planters

Whether you're short on garden space or looking to bring a splash of color to other locations, container gardening offers a versatile solution. With a pot or planter, *some* sunlight, and a bit of care, you can cultivate everything from vibrant flowers to fresh herbs and vegetables. At Wolf Hill Home & Garden Center, we are dedicated to helping our customers make the most out of their gardening endeavors, no matter the size. In this blog post, we will delve into the rewarding world of container gardening and guide you through the process of growing your favorite plants in pots and planters.


Choosing the Right Containers

Container selection is a crucial first step in container gardening. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Size: Your plant's root system needs space to grow. Small herbs might do well in a pot that's 6 inches in diameter, but larger plants or small trees may need a container that's 18 inches or more across.
  2. Drainage: Ensure your container has sufficient drainage to prevent waterlogged soil and root rot. If your chosen pot lacks holes, you can usually drill some in the bottom. Please proceed with caution!
  3. Material: From terracotta to plastic, ceramic to wood, the material of your container can influence soil temperature and moisture retention. Choose according to your plant's needs and your aesthetic preference.


Selecting the Right Soil

In container gardening, the soil plays a significant role. Regular garden soil can become compacted and waterlogged in a container, hindering root growth. Instead, opt for a high-quality potting mix, which is designed to provide the right structure, drainage, and nutrient balance for potted plants.


Plant Selection

Just about any plant can thrive in a container, provided it has the right care. Some popular choices for container gardening include:

  • Annuals: Petunias, Marigolds, and Geraniums.
  • Perennials: Hostas, Ferns, and Daylilies.
  • Vegetables: Tomatoes, Peppers, and Lettuces.
  • Herbs: Basil, Rosemary, and Mint.
  • Shrubs: Boxwood, Hydrangea, and Dwarf Conifers.

This is just a taste - there are hundreds of options to choose from! We’d love to help pick your perfect plants for your container!


Caring for Your Container Garden

  1. Watering: Plants in containers need more frequent watering than those in the ground, as they can dry out quickly. Keep the potting mix moist but not soggy. A good tip is to stick your finger in about an inch and if it’s dry, water. If it’s wet, don’t water.
  2. Feeding: Over time, nutrients in the potting mix can get depleted. Feed your container plants with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to keep them healthy and vibrant. Or, you can feed with a liquid fertilizer once a week. 
  3. Sunlight: Ensure your container garden gets the right amount of sun, depending on the plants' needs. Most vegetables and flowering plants require at least six hours of sunlight per day. There are some shade loving plants that can get less than six hours of sunlight and still thrive.
  4. Temperature: Remember that containers can heat up and cool down more quickly than the ground. Protect your plants in extreme weather by moving the containers indoors or to a sheltered location.


With some understanding and care, container gardening can transform your balcony, patio, or indoor space into a lush, green retreat. The flexibility to move your plants as needed, the ease of maintenance, and the aesthetic appeal of beautiful containers make this gardening method a winner. You can also change it out easily for each season. Visit us at Wolf Hill Home & Garden Center to explore our wide range of suitable plants, pots, and accessories to start your container gardening journey today. We would love to help you design your perfect container planting! Happy gardening!