Brick Ends Farm Compost - per yard (STOCKED IN GLOUCESTER)

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  • Using their proprietary blend of feedstocks, Brick Ends Farm is able to produce high-quality compost that is rich in both active and dormant biological life. One of the characteristics of good compost is retained nitrogen. The major portion of the nitrogen in their product is in the organic form which is broken down little by little over the course of 10 to 12 months. There is also a modest percentage of nitrogen that is in a plant-available form and is ready for immediate uptake by the plant.

  • Brick Ends Farm compost consistently averages between 40% and 45% organic matter. Their one-half-inch compost is perfect for soil incorporation, general top dressing of turf, or as a mulching material. 

  • View our Materials Calculator to calculate how much you need.

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