Seasoned Firewood - 1/2 CORD

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1/2 cord of seasoned firewood. 1/2 cord is equal to 64 cu. ft., or stacked as a 4' x 4' x 4' cube.


Our current stock of seasoned firewood has been cut and split for over 6 months. It is a mixture of all hard woods, such as beech, oak, birch and maple. Log lengths range from 16"-20" and are all uniform cut pieces. 

It is best to purchase seasoned wood is late summer, early fall and get it stacked properly on your property. Purchasing seasoned firewood any later than September and intending on burning it that winter, you run the risk of it not having enough time for it to properly dry out from being in a large pile for a year, resulting in smoky fires (especially if you are burning in a wood stove). 

All of our seasoned wood is stored outside in the elements. It has been an unusually wet spring and summer. We recommend purchasing your seasoned firewood as early as possible to give time for you to stack it properly to allow air flow and ventilation to allow any moisture to dry out in time for burning season. Seasoned firewood needs to be stacked OUTSIDE in order to dry out properly. DO NOT stack seasoned wood in a garage or shed, it will not get the proper air flow and ventilation to pull any access moisture remaining in wood.