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Weekly Arrivals

Early spring through fall Wolf Hill brings in fresh stock for the growing season! Please ask about special orders -
if we do not have what you are looking for in stock, we will get it for you if we can source it!

Inspiration for your back yard oasis

We carry top name brand products to fit every part of your garden


Flowering Shrubs

  Flowering shrubs are iconic for their colorful show, their amazing scents and the many sizes they mature to. Add a touch of your favorite color to enjoy every season. 



Evergreens bring structure to a garden year round. Even during those snowy months, evergreens gives us something colorful to enjoy in many shapes and sizes.


Pollinator Attractors

 Butterflies and bees love a place to enjoy just as much as we do! Adding certain trees and shrubs into your yard brings a support system for our pollinators and beauty for you to enjoy year after year.