Green Firewood - 1/2 CORD

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Our green firewood has been recently cut and split into firewood logs.

It is a mixture of all hard woods, such as beech, oak, birch and maple. Log lengths range from 16"-20". 

Green firewood is NOT ready to burn. This firewood is meant to burn next burning season. The benefit to getting green firewood now is: 1). You're saving money by buying green wood and 2). you'll have it ready to go on your property for next burning season! 

Green firewood will have moisture in it, because it is not fully seasoned. We recommend stacking your green firewood outdoors as soon as possible, preferably in a sunny location. We DO NOT recommend stacking green firewood in a cold garage, shed or basement because you need the air circulation to speed up the drying out of the firewood. Properly stacked firewood will dry out faster, stays drier, and will last longer than piled, unstacked firewood. 

1/2 cord is equal to 64 cu. ft., or stacked as a 4' x 4' x 4' cube.