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Semi-Seasoned Firewood - 1/2 CORD

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For your planning purposes and to save money purchasing wood in the future, the best time to purchase firewood is purchasing green firewood in the later winter or spring for the next burning season. Or, purchasing seasoned firewood in the summer or early fall and get it stacked properly on your property prior to the burning season. 

When you purchase your semi-seasoned firewood, we recommend stacking your semi-seasoned firewood outdoors as soon as possible, preferably in a sunny location. DO NOT stack semi-seasoned firewood in a cold garage, shed or basement because you need the air circulation to speed up the drying out of the firewood. Properly stacked firewood will dry out faster, stay drier, and will last longer than piled, unstacked firewood. Stacked properly, this will be excellent seasoned firewood to burn next burning season OR potentially in a wood stove as long as you have experience with fires (you will need a hot fire going before using this firewood). 

It is a mixture of all hard woods, such as beech, oak, birch and maple. Log lengths range from 16"-20". 

1/2 cord is equal to 64 cu. ft., or stacked as a 4' x 4' x 4' cube.


1. Only One Bulk Material at a time

Please note we can only deliver one bulk product at a time. If you would like to order more than one product, please make separate orders for them. Thank you for understanding!

2. Physical Marker Required

When at checkout: For delivery please identify a physical marker (tarp, cone, trash can, char, etc.) and leave out physical marker for our delivery driver.

    Semi-Seasoned Firewood - 1/2 CORD


    Does Wolf Hill deliver?

    Yes, we deliver!

    Please note we can only deliver one bulk product at a time. If you would like to order more than one product, please make separate orders for them or contact us directly. Thank you for understanding!

    Can you deliver bulk materials and plant materials in one order?

    It depends on the type and amount of each material. If you are looking to order multiple materials/items it would be best to contact our customer service line directly.

    We are happy to help you get exactly what you need, please contact us.

    Can you dump bulk materials/firewood ½ at my neighbor’s house and ½ at mine?

    No, we cannot dump in multiple dump spots.

    Will you drag-dump the stone in my driveway?

    Yes! As long as it is safe to do so. What we do is back up to the back of your driveway (furthest from the road) and start dumping the stone as we pull the truck forward toward the road. As long as there are no overhead wires, tree limbs, or obstacles, and we are on flat, solid ground, this shouldn't be a problem for our driver. We DO NOT smooth it out by hand afterward.

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