Semi-Seasoned Firewood - 1/4 CORD

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Before placing your semi-seasoned firewood order, please note that semi-seasoned firewood will have moisture in it, because it is not fully seasoned. This means, it will NOT burn now in a fireplace. If you are burning in a wood stove, the enclosed heat from the wood stove should allow the wood to burn ok. If you try to burn semi-seasoned firewood prior to 6-months past your purchase date, it will not burn without a lot of hassle (including smoke in your home, hissing & sizzling, etc.).

We are strongly recommending purchasing our kiln dried firewood at this point in the season. We understand it is more expensive, and it's because it is a superior product and will give you little trouble lighting & burning. Please consider the kiln dried wood, especially if you are burning in a fireplace. If you're burning in a fireplace, we do not recommend semi-seasoned wood for burning now. It would be ideal for burning next winter. For your planning purposes and to save money purchasing wood in the future, the best time to purchase firewood is purchasing seasoned firewood in the summer or early fall and get it stacked properly on your property prior to the burning season. 

When you purchase your semi-seasoned firewood, we recommend stacking your semi-seasoned firewood outdoors as soon as possible, preferably in a sunny location. DO NOT stack semi-seasoned firewood in a cold garage, shed or basement because you need the air circulation to speed up the drying out of the firewood. Properly stacked firewood will dry out faster, stays drier, and will last longer than piled, unstacked firewood. Stacked properly, this will be excellent seasoned firewood to burn next burning season.  


It is a mixture of all hard woods, such as beech, oak, birch and maple. Log lengths range from 16"-20". 

1/4 cord is equal to 32 cu. ft., 42 cubic feet; 4'x6'x16" (log length)