Semi-Seasoned Firewood - 1 CORD

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1 full cord measurement is 128 cubic feet; 4'x4'x8' stacked.

Our semi-seasoned firewood has been cut at log length for 1 year. It's been recently split (1-3 months ago) into firewood pieces. 

It is a mixture of all hard woods, such as beech, oak, birch and maple. Log lengths range from 16"-20". 

It would be great for burning in wood stoves now! However, if you're burning in a fireplace, we do not recommend semi-seasoned wood for burning now. It would be ideal for burning next winter -OR- if you have seasoned firewood you could start a rotation process with the semi-seasoned firewood (which would be to bring as much semi-seasoned wood as you can into your home and store next to your fire. The heat from the fire will help pull the moisture out of the firewood logs next to the fire. Once you have a hot fire going, add a semi-seasoned log that has been in the pile next to your fire and refill the supply as needed). 

Semi-seasoned firewood will have some moisture in it, because it is not fully seasoned. We recommend stacking your semi-seasoned firewood outdoors as soon as possible, preferably in a sunny location. We DO NOT recommend stacking semi-seasoned firewood in a cold garage, shed or basement because you need the air circulation to speed up the drying out of the firewood. Properly stacked firewood will dry out faster, stays drier, and will last longer than piled, unstacked firewood.