Ending Soon: Wolf Hill's Exclusive Fall 2023 Sales & Promotions!

Ending Soon: Wolf Hill's Exclusive Fall 2023 Sales & Promotions!

Wolf Hill's extraordinary Fall 2023 Sales & Promotions are ending on Halloween. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just looking to add a touch of fall flair to your space, we've got fantastic deals waiting for you. Act fast because these offers are only available for a few more days, and you won't want to miss out!

Both Stores - Abundant Savings Await: 

  • 🏺 Pottery & Statuary - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Elevate your outdoor aesthetic with our exquisite pottery and statuary collections, now available at half price. 
  • 🌻 Spring/Summer Perennials - 75% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Enhance your garden with vibrant perennials that will return year after year. Save big while supplies last! 
  • 🍁 Fall Annuals including Mums - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Add a burst of fall color to your garden with our autumn annuals, now at a delightful discount. 
  • 🎃 Scarecrows - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Craft whimsical garden guardians with our scarecrow kits, available at half the price. 
  • 🦜 Birdbaths - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Attract feathered friends to your garden with our exquisite birdbaths. 
  • 🌼 Fall Perennials - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Plant the seeds of autumn beauty with our fall perennials, all at half price. 

Gloucester Store - More Savings Await: 

  • 🍎 All Fruit Trees - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Realize your orchard dreams with half-off on all fruit trees. Harvest your homegrown fruits with joy! 
  • 🌲 SELECT Shade & Ornamental Flowering Trees - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Beautify your landscape with shade and ornamental flowering trees, now available at an unbeatable price. 
  • 🌳 SELECT Evergreens - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Add year-round greenery and structure to your garden with select evergreens.

Ipswich Store - Unbelievable Discounts: 

  • 👻 Halloween Decor - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Spook up your space with our Halloween decor, now at a fantastic 50% discount. 
  • 🌿 Fall Herbs - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Enhance your autumn culinary creations with our fall herbs, all at half the price. 
  • 🍂 Fall Interior Decor - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Embrace the spirit of the season with our fall interior decor, available at a delightful discount. 
  • 🌾 Perennial Grasses - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Add texture and movement to your garden with our perennial grasses, now at a fantastic 50% off. 
  • 🌳 All Trees & Shrubs - 75% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Transform your landscape with our trees and shrubs, available at an unbelievable 75% discount. 
  • 🪑 Outdoor Patio Furniture - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Elevate your outdoor living space with stylish patio furniture, all at half the cost. 
  • 🌱 Houseplants - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Bring nature indoors with our houseplants, available at half the price. 
  • 🛠️ Radius Pro Tools - 50% OFF (Ends: 10/31/23): Upgrade your gardening experience with Radius Pro Tools, now at an exclusive 50% discount. 

In Stock Only & While Supplies Last

Don't let these golden opportunities for enhancing your garden, outdoor spaces, and indoor haven pass you by. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you, so visit our Gloucester and Ipswich stores today. Remember, these offers are only available until Halloween, so hurry in before these fantastic deals disappear like autumn leaves! 🍂🌼